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Visitor || Angus Kitto

Great to have visitors in SG. The crew here is always stoked to show people round to local spots, so if you’re ever dropping in like Angus, just give us a message.

FrictionLongboards || Ridge Mobbin

Tried out really bombing a hill at Kent Ridge for the first time and it was insane. Give it a watch 🙂

Longboarding || Back to Melbourne

2 days of filming and skating in Melbourne. Awesome time 🙂
Setup: Lanyachtz Canyon arrow, Paris V2 50degree, Rad Advantages 78a

Frictionlongboards || A 2K14 Summary || Singapore Longboarding

Just watch 🙂

Longboarding || Three Weeks in Singapore

A mini documentary on longboarding in Singapore. Singapore is a small country/island on the southern tip of Malaysia. It has a small longboard scene but it is on the rise. With the help of some more events in the future and our generous sponsors, we should be able to help the community grow.

Riding Skateboards || Footage Reel #3 || FrictionLongboard

Do not own rights to the song

Portugal || Surfing Waves and Concrete

Just a quick throw together of footage from my summer in Portugal.