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So Stoked that we can make it on 2nd year..!!

Cangar Kota Batu, Jawa Timur.

1.5 KM, 20 turns, 50-55 KMH

Unfriendly whether was the biggest challenge for this year. But what doesn’t kill us, will make us stronger. We complete the race and everyone had a good time.

Longboard Open :
1. Noriyuki Tamura (Japan)
2. Ikhzreen Hussein (Malaysia)
3. Aryo Nugroho (Indonesia – Jakarta)
4. Nasa Rahardian (Indonesia – Surabaya)

Street Luge :
1. Zen Rasta (Malaysia)
2. Ajmal Hannan Zulkifli (Malaysia)
3. Abdil Mahdzan (Malaysia)
4. Verrel Pratama (Indonesia – Bandung)
5. Bambang Sutrisno (Singapore)

Longboard Women :
1. Vina Marwan (Malaysia)
2. Maya Fernandez (Philippines)
3. Noor Shoraya (Indonesia – Bandung)
4. Astried Rovska (Indonesia – Bandung)

Longboard Amateur :
1. Andreas LW (Indonesia – Yogyakarta)
2. Paton Riot (Indonesia – Lampung)
3. Taufik Ainur (Indonesia – Bekasi)
4. Vian (Indonesia – Bekasi)

Longboard Junior:
1. Rafi Prahaspandito (Indonesia – Jakarta)
2. Zaidan kun (Indonesia – Jakarta)
3. Albi Rizqy (Indonesia – Bekasi)
4. Kiki (Indonesia – Lombok)

Honorary Gravity Sports:
-. G-Bike – Galang Virgiawan (Indonesia – Jakarta)
-. Downhil Inline – Steven Tan (Malaysia)

Documentation credit to Facri, kang Icang, GoproID Surabaya, Yoyok, and everyone that we can mention one by one.

Special Thanks to,
-. our sponsors who made it happen.
-. all the riders who made the race even more challenging.
-. Kota Batu Mayor Pak Edi, and Pak Hely for the support
-. Local Police from Bumiaji and Kota batu
-. Beautiful Desa Sumber Brantas, Desa Bumiaji and the locals for the hospitality
-. Pak Kades dan Pak Carik for the help during the event
-. Ibu Supaeni who trust us from the beginning

See you at #CangarLongboardFest2017

– Cangar Longboard Fest Committee


LongboardINA Trip: #balineverboring

So Stoked to see Bali longboard crew has grown. They have different communities separated in different town, different style, different spot, but most importantly they all grow together with fun and respect.

Thanks to Barong Crew and Tabanan crew who accompany me during a very short trip. Hope i gotta chance to meet everyone in our next trip to Bali.

Definitely see a big potential in Bali to become the next big thing in Longboard Indonesia scene.

Lastly, if you a skater and plan to go to Bali, don’t forget to bring your board and give them a contact. You can also contact @longboardina for more Info.

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Finally we have the 1st event in East Java, Cangar Kota Batu, Jawa Timur to be exact.

1.5 KM, 20 turns, 45-55 KMH

Credit for documentation team from Surabaya who lead by Habibi Ramdhoni

Special thanks for Surabaya longboard community (Longboard Jancuk) for the big effort arranging everything.

Bandung Barudax Long Shore, Yogyakarta MLYK, Jakarta Daggers, Pandeglang Berbahaya, Bali Barong, Lombok Lomboarders, and everyone who participates.

Desa Sumber Brantas for their beautiful place, Kapolsek Bamiaji for the help arranging the traffic.

Last but not least, all the sponsors who made this happened.

Lets hope we can have Cangar Longboard Fest again next year.

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Cangar longboard festival 2015 practice run

i do this practice run for this longboard festival open class 2015 at cangar batu malang.. thanks to all my sponsor for fully supported me at this competion, eventhough im just recovery from 17 month injured before doing this competion.. semangat Barudakss #BRDX


song : Oasis (fucking in the bushes)
followed : ashraf, wicax
edited : uhat

Cangar Longboard Festival 2015 Open Class Final

Congrats for all winner yeeewyeaah
1st @aryonughroho
2nd @ozzie7anwar
3td @ashrafharis
4th @andrysatriapermata

Gokil Rider: Kiki Raw Run at Somewhere

This video is about Lombok Longboard Riders (L2R) Gnarly GRom, Kiki Raw Run at Somewhere in Lombok.

Rider: @arifiafikri
Board: @gokilgear Board, Magic Mushroom (Carbon Edition)
Trucks: Caliber 50
Bearings: @gokilgear Bearing
Wheels: @gokilgear Abyss Freeride Wheels

Lombok island, Indonesia is like longboard paradise for us. all spots maximum is 2 hours drive only. less traffic and good pavement.

L2R is such a solid crew in Lombok. Check them out at… if you need guide for your longboard trip in LOmbok.

Plan your trip to Lombok Island, and don’t forget to bring your board..!!

For all your longboard needs, get them at LongboardINA Boardologist

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Mon-Fri: 1200-2100
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Lombok Riders Ozzie is doing Night Downhill longboard at Cangar, Kota Batu East Java

Gokil Rider + Gokil Board = Gokil Stunt

Ozzie is longboard rider from Lombok. He got opportunity to try Cangar Track at kota Batu Jawa Timur for up coming event Cangar Downhill Fest 2015 this November.