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Prefectures of Japan

We had the opportunity to meet up with a bunch of riders in Japan. Special thanks to Keisuke Kogawa and Ayumi Oride for coordinating an awesome weekend. It was great to meet a number of riders from both the Wired Weekenders crew & the Radicals crew.

Song: Crystalfilm
Artist: Little Dragon

Radicals Fiesta

Radicals Fiesta took place on September 5th 2015, at Kashiwara city, Osaka, Japan.
Thanks for all who showed up!

Filmed撮影 by Fifer & Hajime Okada(Okachan)
Edited編集 by Fifer

Special thanks for all the following sponsors: Loaded Boards, Orangatang Wheels, Landyachtz, Bear Trucks, Hawgs Wheels, Hood Inc., Funwaves, Ravens

Huge thank you for City of Kashiwara for accepting us and offered us using such beautiful installation! 出来立てほやほやの施設を快く貸していただいた柏原市さん、ありがとうございました!


We had the opportunity to share some urethane with Ne Ne a member of the Radicals crew from Oasaka, Japan. Even with a bruised palm and swollen fingers, she was happy to keep riding. Its great to meet riders from around the world who are genuinely stoked on downhill skateboarding. In this video Ne Ne is riding a set of tenderloins with rounded lips.

Song: Dedication
Artist: L’Orange