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Hosted by Almighty Productions, the first Major slide jam event done in the country. This has been in no doubt a success for the community to be able to pull out and support events like this. Lots of opportunities to improve and simply step and enjoy different genres of downhill fun. Stay tuned for more downhill videos! Subscribe and like!

VLT 2015 2nd LEG : OSLOB

Patrick Swizter together with Grupo Nopo and the Datans were on the move to secure the 2nd leg which is the “Mango Clinic”. Professional riders all over the world namely Ethan Cochard, Rachel Bagels, and much more had the luxury of teaching kids on different levels from beginners to rookies and advance lessons on how to properly slide on the corners and measure safe distance during the runs. Oslob was a great spot to consider due to its topography. Dominated by open grasslands and second growth forest, much more were still undiscovered in this area. Enjoy and share this video and spread on what we can do when we unite! Mabuhay!


Subic Summer Sideways.


The 6th Visayan Longboard Trilogy. 1st leg was held in Siquijor Island, a mystical place known to people for their healing salves and magical herbs. Long ago, Spanish colonizers called it the “Isla de Fuego” (Island of Fire) due to the glow of the multitude of fireflies that would gather nightly. Enrich with its culture and diverse community, it was an opportunity not to not explore and skate the island. Subscribe for more updates on the VLT!
Footages : Joseph Klif Cepeda Michael Eijesantos Ering RicaBlanca