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Vans Go Skateboarding Day 2015



Rider : NOK BOMB SLIDE, NAN Longboard Girls Crew Thailand, JACK KELLY
Camera : GOPRO Camera Mr.Torpong Rangsigosai, DRONE Camera Mr.Sakkawat jaitiang
Edit/Motion Graphic : AE8353
Sound : Cln – Better Than
Location : Khao Kheow Open Zoo

Little F U N at Bridge with `JK`

Rider : Jackie Jacx
Longboard Girls Crew Thailand
BKK Longboard

VDO by P’Tor & Edit by P’Nan
Song : Boardwalks / Little May

แจ๊ค มอหินขาว

Music Avenged Sevenfold – Welcome to the Family

Nan Test Run Morhinkhao

Nan test run downhill at Morhinkhao Chaiyabhum
Filmed by P’Aeh and Edit by P’Tor BKK Longboard

Song : The Way Back Home
Artist : Jid Hohhot (Jid Phuntuwong)

Nan at Morhinkhao

Nan cruised downhill at Morhinkhao : Chaiyabhum province with friends.
Thank you for skate and spend the good times together

P’Nok BombSlide & Pattaya Slalom
P’Taw Urethane Longboard & BKKLB
Pon, Tle ,Ome, Menn Six666 Longboard
P’Aeh, P’Tor BKKLB and Jack We ride longboard
P’Jinkady, Auntie Jeabsae, P’Pom, Nan, Mon, Toa, Ray Zazu Sliders

We skate for ourselves happiness but it’s so wonderful,
that we can shared with each other. I love my big family ~ Longboard Thailand

Music : All the pretty things
Artist : The Shadow Project



URETHANE Longboard outlaw1


ZAZU Down hill 2013

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