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So Stoked that we can make it on 2nd year..!!

Cangar Kota Batu, Jawa Timur.

1.5 KM, 20 turns, 50-55 KMH

Unfriendly whether was the biggest challenge for this year. But what doesn’t kill us, will make us stronger. We complete the race and everyone had a good time.

Longboard Open :
1. Noriyuki Tamura (Japan)
2. Ikhzreen Hussein (Malaysia)
3. Aryo Nugroho (Indonesia – Jakarta)
4. Nasa Rahardian (Indonesia – Surabaya)

Street Luge :
1. Zen Rasta (Malaysia)
2. Ajmal Hannan Zulkifli (Malaysia)
3. Abdil Mahdzan (Malaysia)
4. Verrel Pratama (Indonesia – Bandung)
5. Bambang Sutrisno (Singapore)

Longboard Women :
1. Vina Marwan (Malaysia)
2. Maya Fernandez (Philippines)
3. Noor Shoraya (Indonesia – Bandung)
4. Astried Rovska (Indonesia – Bandung)

Longboard Amateur :
1. Andreas LW (Indonesia – Yogyakarta)
2. Paton Riot (Indonesia – Lampung)
3. Taufik Ainur (Indonesia – Bekasi)
4. Vian (Indonesia – Bekasi)

Longboard Junior:
1. Rafi Prahaspandito (Indonesia – Jakarta)
2. Zaidan kun (Indonesia – Jakarta)
3. Albi Rizqy (Indonesia – Bekasi)
4. Kiki (Indonesia – Lombok)

Honorary Gravity Sports:
-. G-Bike – Galang Virgiawan (Indonesia – Jakarta)
-. Downhil Inline – Steven Tan (Malaysia)

Documentation credit to Facri, kang Icang, GoproID Surabaya, Yoyok, and everyone that we can mention one by one.

Special Thanks to,
-. our sponsors who made it happen.
-. all the riders who made the race even more challenging.
-. Kota Batu Mayor Pak Edi, and Pak Hely for the support
-. Local Police from Bumiaji and Kota batu
-. Beautiful Desa Sumber Brantas, Desa Bumiaji and the locals for the hospitality
-. Pak Kades dan Pak Carik for the help during the event
-. Ibu Supaeni who trust us from the beginning

See you at #CangarLongboardFest2017

– Cangar Longboard Fest Committee

The Lost Tape of Ashraf Haris

My lost footages during last skate trip to Philippines with my crew Boomslang in 2014

Empire Of The Sun – Standing On The Shore

*I do not own the song all rights go to the artist

Ashraf Haris 2016

A short run of me, Ashraf Haris at Cangar, Indonesia. I would like to announced that I’m so stoked to rides for Riptide Sports, Cosmic Clothes, N&Z Skateshop, Staycool Socks and Skatebox Channel in 2016.

cosmic longboard trip lombok 2015

enjoy cosmic longboard trip lombok malimbu hil

raw run cangar longboard jancok

enjoy longboard jancok trip cangar


raw run cosmic longboard enjoy trip cangar batu malang

RAW Cisompet


LongboardINAdventure: Bali & Lombok

First of all, sorry for a year delay for the trip recap due to certain circumstances. Here it goes guys..!!

This is the very first LongboardINA Team and friends having a trip outside Java island. The idea is to explore more spots in Indonesia and introduce Longboard sport to everyone.

Bali island is very famous among local and international, number one destination for holiday worldwide known. Sometimes, people know about Bali rather than Indonesia it self. We really want to build crew in Bali, so the locals can explore more spots and they can accompany anyone who come to Bali and want to skate.
Check the local crew out at… for more info about Skating in Bali. The called themselves Barong (Bali Rider Longboard)

We continue our adventure to Lombok Island, 45 mins from Bali by plane, 1 hours by speed board, 5 hours by slow boat (and another 1 hour to reach the harbour). Lombok already have established crew before we visit. They called themselves L2R (Lombok Longboard Riders), check them out at… . We have strong feeling that Lombok will be the next best thing for Longboard Indonesia Scene.

Both islands offers good hills with stunning view..!! If you ever had a chance to visit the island, bring your boards and contact the locals for spot guide. You will love their hospitality.

Thanks to everyone who helped us during the trip. Stay tuned for the next LongboardINAdventure and get yourself always stoked by LongboardINA Boardologist
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Jakarta Indonesia
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Mon-Fri: 1200-2100
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-. IG/Twitter/4square: @LongboardINA
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-. Whats apps: 0812 9076 3313
-. Line: LongboardINA
-. Youtube:…
-. Vimeo:

-. Shandy
-. Ryan Hidayat
-. Aryo Nugroho (Bustin Boards, Cosmic Clothes)
-. Gerard “Gary” Andika (Landyachtz)
-. Andry “Cece” Satria (Rayne)
-. Ali HD
-. Sami Hakim
-. Lombok Longboard Riders Crew

Music Credits
-. Balinese Instrument
-. What goes around – Bob Marley (Alex Party Remix)
-. Another Life [Robbie Ost Remix][Feat. Chezere] – Dubblestandart
-. Pippy pip – The Black Seed

Lomboarders feat Cosmic Surabaya Rider

One of Cosmic Rider from Surabaya Fidelis Wicax had a good time trip to our Islands…
This is video we are dedicated for Him, enjoyyyyyyyy Bro……!!

Southern of Sahara Downhill

Short Run at South of Lombok

Lombok Longboard Riders trip with Cosmic Surabaya Rider Fidelis Wicax