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How we got there :: Freeride Longoboarding

At some day we met up to have some fun, why shouldn’t we make a movie of it?

Adam, Jermo, Haziem

I dont have the rights of the music:
Ratatat – WildCat for continued adventure

Zaid Zamani: Raw Run Mantin

Just some video we made days back.

Moondog and the London Saxophonics- Bird’s Lament

Skating a Dream

Stumbled on this road last week. Very gnar pavement adding to the “could kill you” experience. But loving it!

Glass Vaults- New Space

Flash: Defender of Janda Baik

We had a crazy week last week, skating Janda Baik twice, finding a new downhill passage, almost dying by the hands of lorries. But we survived because Flash Gordon saved us.

Quite a few Malaysians


Malaysian Girl Gets Downhill

Title says it all! It was her first hill too! We’re just as surprised.

Coconut Girl or something

Longboarding: A Video

A video made on skating in general.

Zaid Zamani: The Castle

A quick edit on our commonday hill with Puchongboy Zaid Zamani.

Handsome Boy Modelling School- I’ve Been Thinking