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Barudak in sundanese words means “home boy”.

Skateboarding can make you smile but skating with your “barudak” can make your smile even bigger. Frids and Johnny heading to Bandung, a city in west java where Dangos lives.

Go skating with your “barudak” and enjoy every second of the moments.

Song: Al-pha-x
Song title: Floating in time machine

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LAKA – Idus Raw Run

Cikole sesh..

Quick Clip – Cikole Lil Session (Idus)


West Java Downhill Compilation

Downhill Skateboarding compilation in West Java, Indonesia.

Pretty Lights – Finally Moving James Brown Remix

LAKA Trick Tip: Glovedown Heelside 360

Our very first trick tip edition.

Oki Adityo
Rayne Vandal
Paris Truck
Abec 11 Gumballs

Fadel Ramadhan

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Talegong Longboard Festival 2013

My skate trip to indonesia with great company

Amazing Midget On Longboard Slide from Indonesia, with Justen Ortiz

His name is Iman, from Bandung, Indonesia.
In this video, his performance with Justen Ortiz (canada) on the Camera.
The video was shot when Justen Ortiz was in Indonesia