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SektorF Outlaw Chamerau

Our first Outlaw- Freerace of the Season. Enjoy.

Film: Stefan John, Philipp Hastreiter
Edit: Philipp Hastreiter

Sunset Skateboarding!

droppin’ videos erry day, submit your questions for next weeks Q & A

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Music by Aust

Holy crap it’s friday, today was full of a contrast of rad and not rad, had an awesome arvo skating but before that had a terrible morning at uni.

Maryhill Draft Train




Longboarding || Josh Neuman 2015

2015 was a huge year for me and I’m even more stoked for 2016!

Abec 11 70mm Stone Ground FreeRides

There’s more cooking in the Abec 11 kitchen than you could ever imagine. We believe that your wheels are the most important connection to the medium on which you ride and high performance urethane leads to high performance skateboarding. Every skater is unique, and one size or durometer NEVER fits all. As such, we proudly introduce our 70mm Stone Ground FreeRide. Available October 1, 2015.

The FreeRide name returns in a brand new size with a Stone Ground finish. The new 70mm version is totally awesome and will be your go to wheel for slide jams and downhill freeriding. No chatter, no bounces, this is ALL about smooth and predictable slides. Our high performance Classic Formula is the most consistent urethane on the planet and it will last all the way to the tiniest core. It features our wide “FreeRide Core” which provides extra support to keep the wheel amazingly stable while sliding. Don’t wait to paint thane all over your neighborhood … get your wheels while they last!

Wheel Diameter: 70mm
Contact Patch: 35mm
Bearing Seat: Offset
Wheel Width: 46.5mm
Lip Profile: Thick, Round
Urethane Formula: Abec 11 Classic Thane (Stone Ground)
Wheel/Core/Duro: Pink/Blue 78a, Amber/Clear 81a, Blue/Pink 84a

GRN TM Riders:
Mike Blackman
Brandon DesJarlais
Elijah Vinograd

Michael Alfuso

Filming and Photos:
Alex Liu
Lamin Cassama

How To: One-Footed Manuals with John Slugg – OHEF TV

John Slugg is a master of disaster when it comes to slicing and dicing the flatest of areas. John is a skater who loves to skate anything in front of him, and today he is showing you one of his favorite ways to stylishly connect some of his favorite moves.

The One-Footed Manual is a very beautiful yet difficult trick to understand but John Slugg is going to break it down to you step by step, and move by move so that you can better understand how to obtain this smooth and graceful trick.

John is coming out with lots of cool media and pictures now that he is living near the communal dwelling of Bellingham, Washington skaters called the HAM House.

The Ham house is just starting, but it already has a pretty serious Instagram going. If you want to see the heinous shenanigans of a bunch of College-Skaters getting into trouble check them out here on INSTAGRAM:

To stay up to date with John Slugg, and ask him questions about these difficult maneuvers, find him here.


John was supported by these companies during the production of this video.

Omen Longboards:
Gravity Wheels:

To find out more about the deck that John was riding you can find that here :…