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Anak ayam



The Temple Run…
Very rarely do you experience a run so intense, because you knew it could go so bad so fast. But you kept calm and just continued skating.
The Temple Run was one such affair.

Riders: Izzi, Dian, Miki Mike

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Bossa Nova Sessions

The crew headed to the east coast to get away from the city and recharge, and at the same time, hit the local downhill spot for an incredibly chilled session.

The Bossa Nova grooves of Tom Jobin’s Brazil was constantly playing in our minds the entire trip, hence the music. Enjoy.

Riders. Naqib, Izzi, Vina, Mad Miki Mike

Shaker n Adek hit at Janda Baik.

no time for skating because we too much busy. And also big thank to Taufik for helping record this video. RollerRiderz, 68100Skate

Malaysia Longboard BTF Raw Run Series #7

Lucky number seven, Hamad from Gombak sent us his Swick jam at Electric Hill!

Only 3 submissions to go before the gnarliest run gets a prize!
Submit your raw run at Electric Hill before 01/02/2015 to:

Hands Down M.Y. Longboard Gear Store

We do not own the copyright to the music used in this video clip.

Malaysia Longboard BTF Raw Run Series #8

Dian Shazwan reppin’ TFY Skate smoothly rides it out in his show of flow!

Hand in your own longboard raw run in Bukit Tinggi Electric Hill before 01/02/2015 to:

TFY Skate , Kuala Lumpur – based longboard crew

Hands Down M.Y. , Malaysia longboard gear store

We do not own the copyright to the music featured in this video clip.

Malaysia Longboard BTF Raw Run Series #6

Watch Cherry Bomb Board Co. rider. Fakoi reppin’ TFY Skate show us how to enjoy freeriding, surfin’ it… and still rail that left like a baws.

Fakoi reps:
1. Cherry Bomb Board Co (Malaysia Longboard Brand)…

2. TFY Skate (Kuala Lumpur Longboard Crew)…

We thank Shen from Cherry Bomb for helping out with the video.


Submit your entry before 02/2015! 10 entries and above, and a winner will be announced!

We do not own the music clip featured in this track.