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Street Fighter DH Race!

The first DH race took place in Japan! July 3rd 2016

Thank you all who participated and volunteered!

1st Nori “SAGAT” Tamura
2nd Mutsu “T.HAWK” SDHC
3rd Kohey Inoue
Zombie Bracket winner Amane “Gouki” Kishida

Thanks Loaded/Otang, Vicious Grip, FW skate!
Video edited by Fifer, camera by Hajime Okada, Nori, Fifer

Street Fighter The Race Teaser


We’re hosting “Street Fighter The Race” at Superhill on Sunday July 3rd! We’ll posting event details and pre-registration in few days! Get ready to FIGHT!!!

#StreetFighterTheRace #ReadyToFight #Shoryuken #Hadoken

Don`t Hate & Skate Session

1st Don’t Hate, Skate Session took place on May 22!
第一回Don’t Hate, Skate! セッションの様子!

Thanks Nori for follow cam!

Don’t Hate, Skate! は月1のスケートセッションだよ!

Don’t hate! Skate!
We are hosting once a month session open for the geeks, queers, noobs, girls, boys, kooks, pros, OGs and everyone to skate and have fun at Superhill!!
Come join us!

Dock Session Yokohama field trip to Kumagaya

Dock Session Yokohama made a field trip to Kumagaya!
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Don’t Hate, Skate sessions tips

How to have a Shred-delicious day at the Don’t hate Skate Sessions at Nyom Island (Superhill).
Nyomアイランド(スーパーヒル)での月1セッション「Don’t hate Skate」セッションでの楽しみ方をまとめたよ!字幕オプションオンにして見てね!­動画右下のCCボタンだよ!

Don’t hate Skateセッションは誰でも参加出来る月1練習会。初めての人も上手な人も、坂もフ­ラットも、ロングもショートも、女の子も男の子もそうじゃない人も、ギークもオタクも­Kookも、みんな集まれ!楽しく色んなスケート遊びしましょー!

Don’t hate! Skate!
We are hosting once a month session open for the geeks, queers, noobs, girls, boys, kooks, pros, OGs and everyone to skate and have fun at Nyom Island (Superhill)! Come and have a shreddelicious day with us!

Let’s Push, skating together!

Let’s Push, skating together!
First longboard event of season, Japan 2016.
Film & edited by Fifer


Radicals Fiesta

Radicals Fiesta took place on September 5th 2015, at Kashiwara city, Osaka, Japan.
Thanks for all who showed up!

Filmed撮影 by Fifer & Hajime Okada(Okachan)
Edited編集 by Fifer

Special thanks for all the following sponsors: Loaded Boards, Orangatang Wheels, Landyachtz, Bear Trucks, Hawgs Wheels, Hood Inc., Funwaves, Ravens

Huge thank you for City of Kashiwara for accepting us and offered us using such beautiful installation! 出来立てほやほやの施設を快く貸していただいた柏原市さん、ありがとうございました!

Colorful day, skate and play.

We skate to have fun, this is one of those happy sesh we usually have at lovely Nyom Island. Stop the hate and skate.

Baird Beer Weeknd

This video is about Baird Beer Weeknd

Funtimes with Lotfi & Adam in Japan!

Lotfi Lamaali & Adam Colton Loaded Asian Tour 2015 in Japan

Film & Edit: Fifer

Special Thanks: Loaded Boards, Orangatang Wheels, Xtreme, Hood, Oosaka Radicals, Brad Bennett

Fever (Black Keys)
Danger! High Voltage (Electric Six)