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Mt Faber with Ali HD & Cece (feat. Dylan)

The boys are havin a lot of fun back in the day


LongboardiNAdventure: NAD Venture Part 1

To honored our commitment exploring Indonesia, on behalf of searching for hills and introduce longboarding, We went to far west of Indonesia…ACEH.

After we done some research on west of Indonesia, Aceh came up to be the most interesting place on our list.

Lots of hills, good pavement, great view, less traffic (Very important), and the history of Tsunami disaster are some of the reasons we go there.

In this video you can see us exploring the spots and all activities that we can do in Aceh.

Indonesian Rayne Riders Andry “Cece” Satria and Indonesian Landyachtz Riders Gerard “Gary” Andika will tell you their experience in Aceh and show you how to enjoy Aceh on board.

Enjoy Indonesia, Enjoy longboarding, Stoked by LongboardINA

LongboardiNAD VENTURE part 2 (HD)


Raw Run: Andry Satria, Siquijor, VLT 2015

The boys are traveling to Philipines for the Visayan Longboard Trilogy 2015. Here is the first track

LongboardiNAD VENTURE part 1 (HD)


Cisompet Section 2 raw

Longboardina Team run at Cisompet Section 2, Garut West Java..
– Aryo Nugroho
– Andry Satria

Follow Cam
– Doni Joedamn

Song Credits
– Edleigh, Pure Gekko

RAW Cisompet