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Green Canyon


Spot check “Green Canyon Hill”

The ‘Green Canyon Hill’ can be seen in a remote area in Tagum City. It’s a very gnarly spot because it has turns and its top speed is 60km/h. This spot is highly recommended to all because it’s safe to bomb here. There are very few vehicles and it has a receiver. See you amigos and amigas!!

Joey, Eska and Zul

Joey and Zul

Karl Janeth

Stoked at Mount Apo Gardens

T’was another weekend full of stoke! Our family visited into one of the gnarliest spots in Calinan, Davao City. We’ve felt the real essence of stoke and a feeling of becoming a family. I am always looking forward with our next adventure in the best spots in town. Till next time to my Green Grind Familia.

Rj Linejan, Eska Mars Alfeche and Zul Benatiro

Zul Benatiro

my root

Let’s not forget where we came from.

Raw Run Green Valley

This is the spot for the upcoming Love Skate Outlaw.

Chase Cam:
Eska and Karl




GG Spotcheck at Samal Island

The Green Grind Familia had a Samal adventure last Sunday, February 1, to experience a new trail. An unexpected happening: our brother had a serious bail. Soon after he got consciousness, he still laughed. ‘It was pretty gnarly’, he said. ‘Till next skate trip brothers and sises.

“Endless Happiness Green Grind Familia”

Zul Benatiro
Additional Filmer
Eska Mars Alfeche