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CNY Skating 2 Trailer

CNY Skating 2. dropping soon


2014 Downhill Skating

All the best clips from last year compiled into one video for your viewing pleasure.

Fiddy Dolla Chow Fan

Sai Kung, Hong Kong Downhill Skateboards
Harry Clarke-Robert Burns

Music: White on White- Fidlar

SAI KUNG LOCALS | 2014 recap

∆ illuminati ∆

Raw Run | Merry Christmas

Ω˚∆ Tip Toe Wing in my Jawwdinz ∆˚Ω

Gucci Ganster

One of my sketchy runs down a local favourite!

Cops on Kingz

This was the first time we ever skated this road and during the second run the pigs turned up sirens blazing and everything. Instinctively we bolted back to the main road to get the train out of there. When we got to the main road we found ourselves surrounded by 3 cop cars and a van with officers shouting at us not to move like we were terrorists or something. After a very stern lecture from the rozzers they sent us on our way with just a warning. Moral of the story: GET AWAY QUICKER!!!