Lonzn Longboards

Lonzn Longboards

Handcrafted longboards Austria. Available NOW!

Our goal at Lonzn Longboards is to build longboards out of regional wood.
We have tested almost every type of wood that grows in this region and have attempted
to build a longboard with optimal flexibility, with the help of fiber-reinforced plastic and
epoxy-enhanced resin.
Now, after two years, we have developed a fine selection of boards. We offer boards
for cruising, carving, free-ride and downhill.
During the production of our boards we place high value on regionality and handcrafting.
This means that every board that leaves our studio is imprinted with its own individual note.
Every step of our work towards the creation of quality boards is backed by the motivation
of my team and myself, and all of our products are made locally.
Our latest board consists of seven glued-together layers out of oak-kernel, fiber-reinforced mats,
larch and ash from local forests. It is an absolutely agile board that is on the stiff side.
With amazing drivability, it is appropriate for almost every use.
Our Freeride-Board 2.0

Special thanks to our teamriders: Arteficio Shape; Dr. Speilo; Endy; Dansn.
Thanks to our photographer: Lé Gensch; Martina Pi
Thanks to our board designer: Sarah Lackmayer aka Peaches
Thanks to Authentic (Christa Gaigg) for doing all our graphics and designs
Thanks to all our regional partners: labalaba (textil); ASE Wohnkultur; Helmut Lindlbauer; Brett und Faden
Props to my team: Luggi, Sabrina, Flo, Tom, Max
Special thanks for letting this great video happen, Gregor John Film Production (gregorjohn.com)

We love what we do!!

Film/Edit: gregorjohn.com
Location: Innviertel Oberösterreich
Music: John Buttler – Revolution
Gear: Panasonic GH4, Lumix 12-35 f/2.8, Lumix 35-100 /2.8, DJI Phantom 3A

Made in Austria designed by treetrends.at


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