Don’t Stop

“Let us live like those who expect to die, and then we shall find that we feared death only because we were unacquainted with it.”
– William Wake.

On March 6, 2016 I came real close to never being able to skate again. The impact caused my left wrist to be displace by 37*, I fracture my sternum and 3 ribs, my right lung collapse causing it to fill with fluids and blood, and my liver and kidney were bleeding internally. I had to be life flighted and spent 5 days in the ICU. This was not my worst day ever just another challenge to overcome.

After 4 months of not being able to do anything more active then walking I was cleared by doctors to return to normal activities. So on July 2, 2016 I was happy to be back to skating. Don’t let fear limit your adventure and remember to always ride the fun.


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