Sector 9: Lockstep

Step on up and onto the Lockstep. The smooth flowing concave, combined with the large walking platform, makes cross-stepping and all manner of flatland tricks a breeze. An 8 ply all maple construction makes this board very durable, with a nice mellow flex to spring you in and out of your turns and tricks. The lockstep helps you follow one of the oldest unwritten rules of surfing, “Walk. Don’t shuffle”. Get your groove on.

Rider: Fabián Gutiérrez Roa
Music: “Its Like That” by Loominous Ink

Lockstep Dimensions:
Length: 48.25″
Width: 9.25”
Wheelbase: 31.5”

10’’ Gullwing Charger Trucks
64mm 78a Nineballs
Abec 5 Greaseball Bearings
Recycled Plastic Shock Pads
1.25” Hardened Steel Bolts
ERG Grip Tape.

Contact your local S9 Dealer for the Lockstep today!


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