DB Longboards: CoreFlex Compound

A look into the creation of our CoreFlex Compound longboard followed by how to put it to work by team rider Devon Dotson.

About the CoreFlex Compound:
The Compound is a revolutionary composite deck featuring our new CoreFlex Technology construction. Designed for freestyle riding and fluid carving, the Compound utilizes a cambered bamboo core sandwiched between fiberglass and high density material to provide the perfect flex pattern. Shock-absorbing Urethane Blast Tips are laminated into the deck to protect the kicktails from significant impact damage. If you enjoy a flexible and responsive ride the CoreFlex Compound is not to be missed!

Learn More Here:

About this video:
A look behind the scenes of the creation one of our CoreFlex Compound longboards. Each board is hand crafted in Tacoma, Washington south of Seattle by a local crew of skateboarders, artists and board sports enthusiasts. Team rider Devon Dotson grabbed our Flex 3 Compound longboard and hit the streets of Seattle with our photographer Matt McDonald.

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