North Carolina | Skate the States | MuirSkate Longboard Shop

Episode 6 of the “MuirSkate the States” Campaign Tour takes us to North Carolina!

None of us having ever been to North Carolina before, we didn’t know who to hit up or where to go. We met up with a crew via Instagram, got some breakfast as the local Waffle House, and headed out to the hills.

We were taken to a plethora of roads, all with gnarly corners, perfect pavement, and a couple were even closed off to traffic! We had so much fun and took so many runs we couldn’t leave after only one day. We decided to pack up, hit the local pub, and head on over the the next town for even more new hills!

After another very fulfilling day of skating, we passed out some swag, said our goodbyes, and got back on the road. Next up, Maryland and the Broadway Bomb!

Thanks for killing it North Carolina, we hope to see you again soon!

Check out our setups below:

Scott Lembach


Joe Gutkowski…

Ryan Ricker…

Nick Hurley

Downhill (Deck is a prototype, not yet available)…

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“Jeepster” by T. Rex

Film: Derek Smith, Joe Gutkowski
Follow Car: Matt McKeon

Edit: Joe Gutkowski


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