Skate & Explore – Corsica To Vesuvius

The Mediterranean Island of Corsica is a captivating place. Beautiful rocky mountains, dense forests, hot sandy beaches, and remnants of the past scattered all over giving the island a shade of mystery. After only scratching the surface of Corsica the crew board another ferry to be tourist for the day in Rome then set their sites on one of the most famous volcanos in the world, Mt. Vesuvius.

Billy Bones @billy_bones
Dillon Stephens @dillonstephens
Troy Grenier @troy_yardwaste

Film/Edit: Dave Leslie @guffmcgufferson
Additional Filming: Jacob Lambert @maxicasj

“Billboard – Heatwave” by Le Chau Collective (0:01)

“City Heights” by The Sure Fire Soul Ensemble (2:17)

“Love Fantasy, My Beautiful Girl” by Gal Gracen (4:33)

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