Mood Swings

It was again autumn in Vienna. Back from all the skate trips during sommer, we wanted to go out there and experiment with a new style approach in filming a downhill skateboard video. Usually you can’t schedule sunshine and can’t really organise empty roads. We found ourselves at the sunniest day of the whole September, on a road packed with cars and motorbicycles. So believe it or not: The biggest task was to shoot within 20 second frames of car free corners and to avoid patches on the road. And yes, we went all in for quality bullshit.

People looked quite confused at our masks, a factor we benefitted from since confused people don’t call the cops – angry people do.

Skater: Nicola Nührig, Gloria Kupsch
Filmer: Lauren Klocker, Mathias Pfrnak Groß
Concept: Gloria Kupsch


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