Taiwan (台灣) Longboarding Festival – GoPro style

We were pretty stoked to be able to attend this cool event hosted by some of the most passionate longboarders here in Taiwan, we were amazed to see that so many people here in Taiwan loved the art of longboarding. So we tried our best to capture that passion and essence.

【台灣長板嘉年華】是台灣長板每年最大的盛事,從各地集結了各個長板好手,展現Hip­py Jump(嘻皮跳)、Dancing (走板)、Freestyle(自由花式)各項目的競賽。而我們很高興可以參與這場盛­事,藉由Gopro Taiwan 將我們台灣長板文化拍攝出來。整支影片100% by Gopro,特別一提的是近80%的畫面我們是使用 FeiYu WG 器材拍攝出來的. 希望大家可以一起體驗了解台灣的長板文化.

Shot 100% with GoPro3 , 3+, 4 (Black Edition)

Equipment (器具): Feiyu WG gimbal, Gopro mounts and boombandit.

Music 音樂 : pacific coast highway-wentworth & moodemere

Edit 剪輯 : Premiere Pro & After Effects CS6

Videographer: Jason Fu, Sky Huang

Editing: Sky Huang

Graphics: Jason Fu

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Special Thanks to all the friends that helped me get these footage.

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